OS Antivirus 360 - Adware, Malware & Virus remover App Reviews

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Ran Great for Me

Well worth the $9.99. No problems found on my computer; that great feeling of having a clean computer is worth a million! I had no problems running either scan. I could not validate the earlier review stating they could not get the software to run, maybe you selected other than a “User” file to scan. (Old Communications Tech Saying: “Short in the Headset” or could not duplicate the problem.)

help its not working

I am having troble having it work for me someone help me

Doesn’t work, No Customer service

I purchased this app for my imac and when I hit scan it doesn’t. it wan’t you to pick folders individually or something stupid. you should hit scan and it just starts scanning. I can’t find instructions anywhere either. Waste of money

Worth it for me!

I purchased this app out of desperation! I down loaded what I thought was a necessary adobe flash and ended up with two viruses one was a safefinder adware that I tried to get rid of using all kinds of different advice on the internet and nothing worked. I purchased Os antivirus and that didn’t work…at first. After I reported it didn’t work. I recieved an email right away from the app telling me exactly what to do. It was easy and it worked! It was totally worth the 9.99 to have my mac back!

Doesn’t find obvious malware problems

I bought this because for 9.99 i thought it should work but though it does a scan it doesn’t come up with anything. But my Mac has a very obvious Malware problem. Going to try to get my money back.

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